The Stoddart Review provides compelling evidence that effective, high-performing offices can and do make a difference.

Businesses that get it right can boost performance, competitiveness and the bottom line.

What we found is that effective offices designed around the needs of users – not solely dictated by cost savings – can:

    • · Deliver productivity gains of between 1 and 3.5 per cent, according to Dr Nigel Oseland
    • · Add as much as £70 billion to our national output, says Economist and former BBC Newsnight correspondent Duncan Weldon
    • · Provide businesses with a key differentiator in the war for talent
      According to a 2015 CIPD survey, job candidates consider physical workplace a more important factor than leadership, CSR, technology and the diversity and inclusion agenda
  • · Create a collaborative culture and a sense of community, increasing employee engagement

“When workplace is hardwired into an organisation’s purpose, values and brand, it drives pride and engagement and unlocks discretionary effort,” says Alison Nimmo CBE, CEO of The Crown Estate

Q: When the benefits of an effective office are so powerful, can your business afford to miss out?