So what can your business do to unlock the productivity boost? Smarter businesses in the top quartile of the The Leesman Index – the largest independent database of workplace effectiveness – show us the way. Follow their example and:

1. Reframe business cases to focus on delivering value to the business rather than cost – linking back to your organisation’s productivity metrics

2. Recognise the power of measurement and the benefit of analysing activity and effectiveness. The workplace, the demands placed on it and the way it’s used are always evolving, so regularly appraise the effectiveness of your space with the same discipline as you appraise your people

3. Make the workplace a regular part of your board agenda and refocus responsibilities toward the CEO and HR Director in decisions about how to design the workspace rather than the traditional remit of the CFO

4. Recognise that workplace change needs to happen on a different cycle to traditional lease events like renewals. Therefore avoid committing all investment and intellectual capital in one go; reviewing, appraising and investing more frequently

5. Understand the power of providing a variety of work settings. It’s the key to increasing density and is the single biggest way to deliver direct return on investment in human capital

6. Create spaces where people can meet informally, relax and work in different ways – whether in teams, small groups or alone. These are critical as a catalyst for collaboration and social cohesion

7. Elevate the level your workplace professionals operate at. Think of them as your workplace champions – the people who can deliver integrated business cases and act as the interpreter between the needs of the business and the infrastructure teams that support them. The new chief workplace officer is a bridge between HR, tech, corporate real estate and facilities management and champions the employee experience

8. Use your workplace to build community and brand affinity.