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The Stoddart Review

The Stoddart Review reveals that an effective workplace can improve business productivity by as much as 3.5%. Economist Duncan Weldon believes that could add up to £70 billion to the UK economy. But we may be missing a trick!

The Review found that British businesses often tackle workplace productivity by making the workplace more efficient, not the people. They think in cost per square foot, not revenue per square foot. And UK employees can tell. Only one in two agrees their workplace helps them to be productive*

We can’t afford to ignore them.

The Review – published to commemorate the work of industry giant Chris Stoddart, MCIOB, FBIFM – urges businesses and the workplace industry to question their workplace strategies now… and seize the opportunity to change how our people work for the better.

*Only 53% of UK and Ireland respondents agree that their workplace enables them to work productively


The Leesman Index


T he Stoddart Review continues the work of an industry giant: Chris Stoddart, MCIOB, FBIFM. Formed by the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) and founding partners privileged to have worked with Chris, it exists to raise awareness among business leaders of the importance of the workplace and real estate as a key performance lever. It is independent and cross-industry in its perspective.



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